An open letter to landlords

Dear Landlords,

Renters don't want carpet anymore. In fact, for many of us, it's an actual dealbreaker. If you put in the rug, we're gonna run.

At Block, we're intently listening to what renters want and need to thrive so that we can help them find a get a great place to rent. In addition to the features and amenities our users tell us they want, we also anonymously analyze their behavior on the platform to learn.

For example, an apartment listing that has visible carpet in its featured photo will be given a thumbs-down 40% more often than those that don't show the carpet right away (even if there's carpet in the unit).

So here's what we've learned.

42.9% of Block users say they explicitly don't want carpet.

For 5%, it's an instant dealbreaker. And don't hold your breath for the counterpoint in this debate. Just 2.9% of our users say that actually want carpet in their home.

42.3% of renters say a dishwasher is a must-have.

Another common desire: ease in the kitchen. 92.5% want a dishwasher in their kitchen, with 42.3% saying a dishwasher is a must have in their new place.

Only 56% of renters rate parking as a must-have.

While parking is critical to a majority of renters, the number is dropping. We're beginning to see more users rate their primary method of commuting as ride-sharing (4% and growing monthly).

And while the fastest-growing amenity for high-end developments is EV charging infrastructure (more on that in a future post), more renters are reporting they expect to get rid of their car and commute to work by ride-share, electric scooter, bicycle, or on foot.

In-unit laundry is the new American Dream

48% of renters rate in-unit laundry as a must have, but 96.1% of renters rate it as very desirable.

The big takeaway: landlords, if you want to compete for the best tenants, you need to take another look at the amenities you include in your units. While a lot of these things are standard in big developments, the vast majority of inventory in Los Angeles is privately-owned-and-managed. Not only are you leaving a lot of great tenants on the table, but a lot of money, too. Renters report being willing to increase their budget by as much as 10% if the unit has all the amenities they're looking for.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email And as always, if you're looking for a new apartment to rent in Los Angeles (or house, or condo), Block can help you find a get your next place as much as 10 times faster. Try it for free at